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Welcome to American Medical Technologies

AMT is the leading independent provider of wound care solutions for long term care facilities in the United States. We have been providing top quality wound care programs since 1994 and currently service residents in over 4,000 facilities nationally.

AMT is an accredited Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetic Orthotic Supplier (DMEPOS) as well as a participating Medicare Part B provider.  As a participating Medicare provider, AMT accepts full assignment of all claims; which means that neither the resident nor the facility will receive a bill for denied services.

As part of our commitment to excellence in nursing home care, we have long been an active member of the "ADVANCING EXCELLENCE IN AMERICA'S NURSING HOMES" campaign. Additionally, we have been locally involved with state LANES (Local Area Networks for Excellence) in most of the states where we provide services.

AMT is a member of the NPUAP (National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel) in addition to many other state and national organizations. We also work closely with and educate many of the state survey departments across the country.

Our mission is to provide the highest possible quality wound care management solutions to nursing home residents. Our nation-wide residents are served in an expeditious manner; our true focus however is on medical expertise, protocol development, education, healing and preserving and /or enhancing residents’ quality of life. We continually strive to champion the movement in improving the quality of care in America’s nursing homes through excellence in wound evaluation, treatment and assessment of progress based upon the most current scientific research available.

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